Coshcast Season 3 Episode 21: Where were you when we were shit?

Welcome to Episode 21!

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The Coshcast returns this week like Guus Hiddink at Stamford Bridge. In the Premier League, Chelsea lose their Mou but find their mojo, Van Gaal thinking is so outside the box that Manchester United struggle to get in it, Riyad says “Mahrezt my case” as he keeps Leicester top of the league and across the games, more penalties than the American criminal justice system.

Elsewhere, Barcelona shock the world by winning the Club World Cup and the One World Alliance, and the managerial merry-go-round grinds into life as Pep starts a protracted ‘auf weidersehen’ with Bayern, and cuddly uncle Carlo confirms that he will take charge when daddy leaves the house.

As always, there are Mumus, and this week a special guest segment from our friends at The Final Third podcast. Enjoy.

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