EPL Matchday 15 Hot or Not

The English Premier League is full of thrills, upsets, brilliant goals, poor refereeing and much much more. Every week we sum it all up on the coshcast, but we’d also like to share our thoughts with you on some of the major talking points and highlights from the past weekend’s action. Which player stood out from the rest? Who scored the best goal? which gaffer did the best job? We answer all these questions and more, Enjoy and please make sure to have your say as well.

Team of the weekend

It wasn’t a good weekend for the lads from the traditional ‘big boys’. Riyad Mahrez’s place in the team is obvious as are Wijnaldum’s and Arnautovic’s. The other positions were up for debate. Winston Reid was brilliant against Man United to the point that Schweinsteiger elbowed the New Zealander to stop his influence. Of course Bournemouth are well represented by Boruc and Daniels as history was made at Stamford Bridge.

We love a good debate so have at it in the comment section and fight for who you believe should be included.


This week’s Ballon D’or

Riyad Mahrez: What a hat trick by the little magician. He’s been in sensational form this season, combining tricks with end product. It all came to the fore in this wonderful performance against a demoralized Swansea City side. He gave them nighmahrez but Leicester will still be dreaming of a top four finish or better after this.

Best Boss

Eddie Howe: We were going to share this between Howe and McClaren but ultimately decided to pick the Bournemouth boss because they literally are the smallest club in the land. Their financial resources are nothing compared to the billion dollar backing of Chelsea. Jose Mourinho thought he had steadied what was a sinking ship but Eddie Howe masterminded a smash and grab mission that Black beard would’ve been proud of. Well done Eddie.


Top of the flops

Jose Mourinho: If Eddie Howe is the best boss then the biggest flop has to be Jose Mourinho. Diego Costa aimed a bib at the gaffer and he could’ve used a bib to cover his shame today. The false nine proved to be faulty and the defending which lead to the Bournemouth goal, amateur. The special one is starting to look special in failure right about now.

Moment to remember

The final whistle at Stamford Bridge: Beating the defending champions on their own turf is the best thing that ever happened to Bournemouth. It’s one of those stories that neutrals want to see. As the cliche goes, this was a great advert for the premier league.

Goal that took your breath away

Delle Ali vs West Brom: He’s been a revelation this season and now he’s scored a worldy. The goal was made by none other than Toby Aldeweireld with a wonderful diagonal long ball. You can see that he meant that, we didn’t think he had that in his locker. The run was timed to perfection and the finish, clinical. Take a bow son.

You’ve seen our picks, now have your say

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