Liverpool – Remember November

On our latest podcast we discussed Liverpool’s absolute battering of Manchester City. Here, @Real_LFC_Fan gives us a sense of how Liverpool fans are feeling as we reach the end of Klopp’s second month in charge.

Christmas is quickly approaching and Liverpool have already gifted their fans the two of the greatest wins of the season:  3-1 against Chelsea and 4-1 against Manchester City. Let’s ignore the massive mishap that happened against Crystal Palace. My excuse: they are our bogey team (It was definitely the defending that was the problem).

The team is starting to perform well together and the players are finally playing in their best positions. Coutinho, Firmino and Lallana gave us a magnificent display against City, the three linking brilliantly, leading to three goals in the first half. Of course, we cannot forget Can’s perfectly timed back-heel to Coutinho, leading to Firmino’s first league goal for the club. The Brazilian should have had at least a hat-trick but was denied countless times by Joe Hart, who saved his team from ultimate humiliation.

Benteke came on for Firmino and managed to miss a one-on-one with Hart due to his lack of speed (that was very annoying to watch). It seems that Liverpool were not bothered about having no natural striker on the pitch before Benteke was substituted on, but fear not, Sturridge was back on the bench and should be ready for action soon.

After a previously half-disastrous performance, Milner came back ready to tackle his former team. The Liverpool captain gave 100%, making runs right, left and center, and defending as if his life depended on it. It is worth mentioning that Lucas continues to be an essential presence on the pitch.

Skrtel made it 4-1, proving his strength at attacking set pieces and showing a somewhat stronger partnership with Lovren at the back. On the right, Clyne had Sterling in his back pocket for the duration of the match. The team took real advantage of the weakened Manchester City defense, with Mangala and Demichelis replacing Kompany and Otamendi. To be fair, I knew there would trouble the moment I heard these top defenders would not be starting. Klopp’s pressing philosophy was evident, as the Reds gave the opponents a hard time on the ball.

Liverpool have played their away games against the tougher sides already and have been fairly successful. There are still errors happening when the team switches off, in this case, allowing Sergio Aguero to score a beauty, but massive improvements have been made since Klopp’s appointment in early October. It shows in the confidence of the players and the atmosphere amongst the fans. We cannot wait to see what the team has in store as the players’ bond strengthens and they hopefully give us more brilliant performances.  This is only the beginning.

Liverpool play Bordeaux at Anfield in the Europa League this Thursday. What are your predictions?

P.S. Hey Sterling, is the grass really greener on the other side?

Read more from @Real_LFC_Fan here


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