Coshcast Season 3 Ep 2: The Premier League Returns

Welcome to Episode 2 of the new Season!

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The Coshcast may be late like your annoying friend who you instantly forgive once they show up, but this weekend we all welcomed the Premier League back like a dog welcomes it’s owner back from war.

There’s Chelsea/Swansea as Courtois gets caught out, Man United vs Spurs where Kyle Walkers the ball into his own net, and Arsenal suffer a Kouyate kick to the stomach as they get beaten by West Ham. Bilic certainly gave them a good deal.

There’s the rest of the Premier League action to talk about of course, some news from Italy, or more accurately, China, and where would we be without Mumu of the Week and our Toronto FC update?

Let’s get this ball rolling like Snoop Dogg in the green room.

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