Coshcast Season 2 Ep 40: You get a Cup, You get a Cup, Everyone gets a Cup!

Welcome to Episode 40, Sponsored by Oprah Winfrey!

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It’s not the final pod, but it is the cup final pod. In England, Arsenal break FA Cup records as Wenger makes Sherwood rub his temples at the cathedral of football that is Wembley. Sort of. In Germany, Wolfsburg say Danke Kloppo as they swipe pesky Dortmund aside, while en France, Auxerre fail to pull off a coupe in the Coupé. Finally, the Copa Del Rey, in which Messi dribbles past every Basque person alive before slotting it into the near post. There’s Mumu of the Week, FIFA chat – yes, they’re two different things, and other bits and bobs. Post season Cosh, begin.

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