Coshcast Season 2 Ep 27: Anderson Hits New Heights

Welcome to Episode 27! We are taking this to new heights

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Your favourite time of the week, and mine, it’s the Coshcast!

This week from the Premiership, Burnley and Ashley Barnes are less than noble against Chelsea, both the Palace and the ‘Castle are besieged by City and Arsenal, Hull N’Doye themselves, Alex Song generously parodies himself, and Luis Van Dull’s United lose to Swansea just when it looked like nobody would ever do that again.

Elsewhere, Moyes’ boys annoy Sevilla, Griezmann roasts Almeria, Parma sadly spent too long in arears and Pirlo keeps rolling back the ball to team mates in better positions. Or does he?

All this, the Bundesliga, the Champions League, and a terribly exciting announcement. The Coshcast is in session.

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