Coshcast Season 2 Ep 10: Moving forwards, not backwards

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 10! Bang Bang!

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And so, The Coshcast, which might or might not have as many late surprises as QPR against Liverpool.

The premiership made such a roaring comeback this weekend, they’ll presumably be selling versions of it at Urban Outfitters, soon. 28 goals flew in on Saturday, alone! The Battle of Pellegrini-Pochettino saw Spurs defend well against nearly the whole Manchester City team, with the exception of Kun Aguero who managed to get four on his own. Southampton said Grazi as they disrespected Sunderland harder than Snoop did Iggy, and the Wearsiders were made all the wearier by neighbours Newcastle achieving a rare victory.

Speaking of the French, PSG finally managed a solid win this weekend, but not without incident as Cavani is sent off when a referee takes up Piers Morgan’s role as chief campaigner against guns. There’s brief news from other European countries such as Italy and Spain and of course some local despair at the plight of the hapless Toronto FC.

It’s a big one, so put your headphones in and tell everyone else to leave you alone for a bit.

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