Coshcast Season 2 Ep 2: Malky the Mumu

Welcome to a new season of the Coshcast! Its episode 2 of a long and entertaining season!

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It was another cracking week of action around Europe as La Liga & the Bundesliga joined in the fun.

Dortmund show their Hyde side at home to Leverkusen and an agent from Sunderland can’t stop Barcelona squelching Elche, as Messi and Mounir shows everyone who’s Haddadi.

n the Premiership it’s Apocalypse Soon as Downing, Chamakh and Carlton Cole all score in the same game, while Swansea and Tottenham join Chelsea and Arsenal in the top four.

We’ve got an MLS update, Mumu of the Week, and a brand new feature to unveil. Our anacondas don’t want none unless you drop Richard Dunne.

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