Matchday Predictions

Predictions: Matchday 2

Matchday 1 inspired some unique predictions from our pundits as well as our contributors. The overall leader is Bernie with 11 points and picking up where he left off from last season. The next best predictor was Osman with 10 points, with a close race between the rest of the pundits, with the mode score being 7 points. Good start for everybody, although some of our pundits may want to step it up in Matchday 2!

ramsay winner v palace

The most easy predictions to make were the Newcastle vs Manchester City and Burnley vs Chelsea games, while the most shocking result that outfoxed everybody was undoubtedly Manchester United vs Swansea. Late goals in the West Ham vs Tottenham and Leicester vs Everton fixtures turned some of the predictions on their heads and ultimately led to the current scores that our pundits have made.

All matches were hard-fought on Matchday 1 with the exception of Chelsea vs Burnley. Will Matchday 2 see the same grit by the underdogs or will the big teams be able to show their true flair?

fabregas schurrle

Summary of Matchday 1:

Predictions from our Pundits:

matchday 2 pundits

 Predictions from our Contributors: 

matchday2 others

Matchday 2 Predictions:

matchday 2 predictions

Key Fixtures:


Bernie: Dortmund v Leverkusen: Borussia Dortmund are in a similar position as they were last season. They’ve lost their best player to their arch rivals Bayern Munich and have replaced him with an exciting but unexpected signing. Lewandowski has gone and Immobile has come in. They trounced Bayern in the German Super Cup and will have to take the confidence they gained into this game. Leverkusen are moving on from the Sami Hyppia era with manager Roger Schmidt. Josip Drmic is expected to score goals and Son should continue to shine. This should be the battle for second place and I see a draw panning out. I think early season rust will get to both teams leaving room for a lot of mistakes from both sides. 2-2 Draw

Alexander: Tottenham vs QPR: On paper Spurs should win this easily, but despite early season victories at West Ham and Limassol, the Lillywhites have not quite clicked yet, offensively. Pochettino still needs time to work out his best 11. Meanwhile, Harry Redknapp will first and foremost want to get one over on the club that sacked him, and this will likely mean QPR set up not to lose. I expect a relatively dull battle, here, and am taking bets on how long it will take Joey Barton to injure Erik Lamela. I’ll go 27 minutes. 1-1 Draw

Mohaned: Chelsea v Leicester City: Chelsea went down 1-0 to Burnley last week in the most unexpected of fashions. It was just about to get exciting before Chelsea put on their big boys pants and suspenders. Fabregas and Costa had impressive debuts in their first game for the Blues. Cesc’s assist for Chelsea second goal was just sumblime; putting a dagger through every Arsenal fan’s heart. This week they are at home and the goals will definitley rain in against the newboys. 4-0 Chelsea


Rishay: Manchester City vs Liverpool: After a performance on Matchday 1 that challenged them more than we expected, Liverpool will be looking to shape up their squad in time for the game away at their title rivals, Manchester City. This fixture has produced many goals in recent seasons and this one will be no different. Last season, an incorrect offside call along with poor shooting saw Liverpool lose in an agonizingly close encounter. Man City were perhaps lucky to have scored their second with Negredo’s effort just squeezing past Mignolet’s outstretched fingertips. With the news of Balotelli’s signing, pundits will be scratching their heads over how Liverpool will lineup. City will be more ready for this game as they have smartly done their transfer business early in the window and do not have any bedding in problems. They didn’t get out of third gear when away at Newcastle, but they could very well be in cruise control if Liverpool do not establish themselves into this one early. It will be close in either circumstance. 2-2 Draw

Think you can out-pundit our pundits? Become a junior pundit yourself and submit your scores to or post your predictions in the comments section below! We will keep track of your points tally and see who the winner will be.

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  1. Barclays Premier League:
    Chelsea v Leicester City
    Everton v Arsenal
    Tottenham v QPR
    Sunderland v Man. United
    Man. City v Liverpool:

    Notable Fixtures:
    Dortmund v Leverkusen
    Toronto FC v Chicago Fire

  2. Chelsea 3 Leicester City 0
    Everton 2 Arsenal 2
    Tottenham 3 QPR 1
    Sunderland 1 Man. United 2
    Man. City 3 Liverpool 2

    Notable Fixtures:
    Dortmund 2 Leverkusen 1
    Toronto FC 1 Chicago Fire 0

  3. Barclays Premier League:
    Chelsea 3 v Leicester City 1
    Everton 1 v Arsenal 1
    Tottenham 2 v QPR 1
    Sunderland 1 v Man. United 2
    Man. City 2 v Liverpool 3

    Notable Fixtures:
    Dortmund 2 v Leverkusen 1
    Toronto FC 1 v Chicago Fire 0

  4. Barclays Premier League:
    Chelsea 3-0 Leicester City
    Everton 2-1 Arsenal
    Tottenham 2-0 QPR
    Sunderland 2-1 Man. United
    Man. City 2-0 Liverpool:

    Notable Fixtures:
    Dortmund 2-2 Leverkusen
    Toronto FC 2-2 Chicago Fire

  5. Barclays Premier League:
    Chelsea v Leicester City: 4-0
    Everton v Arsenal: 0-2
    Tottenham v QPR: 3-1
    Sunderland v Man. United: 1-2
    Man. City v Liverpool: 1-1

    Notable Fixtures:
    Dortmund v Leverkusen: 2-2
    Toronto FC v Chicago Fire: 1-0

  6. Barclays Premier League:
    Chelsea v Leicester City: 3-1
    Everton v Arsenal: 1-2
    Tottenham v QPR: 1-1
    Sunderland v Man. United: 1-2
    Man. City v Liverpool: 3-1

    Notable Fixtures:
    Dortmund v Leverkusen: 2-1
    Toronto FC v Chicago Fire: 1-2

  7. Barclays Premier League:
    Chelsea v Leicester City: 2-0
    Everton v Arsenal: 2-2
    Tottenham v QPR: 2-1
    Sunderland v Man. United: 1-2
    Man. City v Liverpool: 2-2

    Notable Fixtures:
    Dortmund v Leverkusen: 2-1
    Toronto FC v Chicago Fire: 1-1

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