Coshcast Ep 31: Club football is officially back!

Welcome to Episode 30 of the CoshCast!

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Ligue 1 has started off with a bang. Does the community shield bode well for Arsenal’s title credentials. Why are we talking about Ron Vlaar? The Toronto FC excitement hits fever pitch. Rishay decides to replace mumu of the week with Mohaned of the week and things get explosive at Cosh HQ. It’s all here and then some.

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  1. The United result was disappointing. I watched all the Manchester united games in preseason. They were among the top impressive teams and if they produced the same level of intensity against Swansea over the weekend, they would have gotten all three points. That hypothetical is a red flag itself. See, in the EPL, you need to be able to win games a gear or two gears below your best, so when the games that require a high intensive approach arrive, the team can turn up.

    It seems the formation Van Gaal has gone for requires a lot of player effort and concentration. He surely has the pedigree to make it work out eventually but is it advisable to go high intensive in the EPL? Some might say United are not in Europe this year so that will give them more resting time between games, but is Van Gaal familiar with the December schedule for the EPL? There’s like at least 8 games in a 30-day span and that month usually has a huge impact on any teams season.

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