FIFA 2014 World Cup

#TO14 DiverCity : Brazil vs. Croatia

Sheema Ahanin – My first day covering #TO14 World Cup DiverCity was a fun one – I had a chance to watch the first 2014 World Cup game at Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse on Adelaide Street.

As I was seated, I looked around and saw some great artwork. From favelas to its diverse people, the walls of Copacabana did not lack in originality. Fans (most of them cheering for Brazil) came in groups and sat down experiencing a rodizio kind of dine-in. A rodizio is an all-you-can-eat service that traditional Brazilian steakhouses offer. Spending a Thursday afternoon indulging in delicious meat served on skewers by waiters while enjoying Xingu black beer imported from Brazil isn’t so bad at all. Add the national Brazilian soccer team playing against Croatia for FIFA World Cup 2014’s first game, and you can call that a Thursday afternoon well spent!

“Vai Brasil!” Brazil’s fans could only hope the nation will continue with wins to the end of the World Cup. What’s in store for the host nation is to be determined in the upcoming weeks.

Under the Cosh will be on College Street to catch the game of Spain vs. Netherlands next. Nostalgia from the last World Cup may arise. Stay tuned!

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