FIFA 2014 World Cup

Best World Cup Tunes

The World Cup kicks off and we’re going to tune in to see the opening ceremony. For some people the opening ceremony is of no interest. In fact, it’s sometimes seen as delaying you from getting to what you came to see. However, there have been some great opening ceremonies and with them wonderful performances of the official World Cup song.

This year’s World Cup song is “We Are One (Ole Ola)” by Mr. Worldwide Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Brazilian pop star Claudia Leitte. Last week, Jennifer Lopez said she wouldn’t be performing the song which seemed odd. Thankfully she’s reversed her decision and we will get to see her in action. Honestly, we’re no fans of this song. So we thought we should rank the best World Cup songs from the past 5 editions.

  1. USA ’94 Gloryland: This was horrible. Is this really what 1994 felt like? It’s more like a national anthem and the video seems like an advertisement. ‘MURICA! NEXT!
  1. South Africa 2010 – Waka Waka: This one leaves me with mixed feelings. It would have been great if an African artist composed this song to add to the occasion. For many people this is why the unofficial anthem is Wavin’ Flag by K’naan (which was also a better song). However, the beat and the rhythm of the song are unmistakably African. It makes you want to dance, that’s for sure! Does it make me feel “football”? Maybe not, but it’s still a pretty good song and served the purpose well.
  1. Korea/Japan 2002 – Anthem by Vangelis: I like this in many ways because it embodies the character of East Asia. It’s not corny like Gloryland and it’s not maintstream the way the latest ones have been. It’s a little bit forgettable but for a highlight video or supporters montage this is actually quite perfect. Maybe I’d like it to be a little more exciting but not bad at all.
  1. Germany 2006 – Celebrate The Day: This was very fun. It feels like it was made for football. The drums, the choir in the background and the international nature of the song are what the world cup is all about. Maybe it doesn’t make you get up and dance but if you’re in a room and this comes on you will definitely think of football. Great work.
  1. France ’98 – La Copa De La Vida: What a fantastic song this was! People still sing this when it comes on. You all know the words and if you don’t dance when it comes on there’s simply something wrong with you. Ricky Martin’s career really blew up after this song catapulted him into everyone’s consciousness. This is how nostalgia works.

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