EPL Matchday 36 Predictions (26/04/2014)

Everyone still in Champions League mode? I don’t blame you. Its definitely heating up. Madrid came out with a very favourable 1-0 win against Bayern Munich while Mourinho bored us all to death with a 0-0 away draw to Atletico Madrid. He claims he will field a weakened side on the weekend in the premier league! Domestically, we are back to predicting the scores of the EPL.

Here’s a reminder of last week’s scores and a recap of how we stand. Its still not a guaranteed win for Bernie! Its gonna go down to the wire. As usual, a correct outcome warrants a point, while a perfect score gets three points:


Saturday April 26th:

Stoke City vs Tottenham:

Bernie: It seems to me that Tottenham have finally steadied the ship. Sherwood has done enough to help whoever comes in at White Hart Lane next to pick up the pieces and will have a decent season next year. They are almost assured of a Europa League spot at this rate. Stoke have nothing but pride to play for, in fact neither team does. I can see this being a drab affair and it’s likely Eriksen will have a big say. 2-1 Spurs

Mohaned: Spurs have been in better form recently but its a little too late I think. Either way, they will want to end the season strong and finish above United and perhaps in a Europa League position. Stoke have also been playing a slightly more expansive form of football this season which is refreshing. I’ll go for 3-2 Spurs.

Rishay: Looks like Spurs have edged ahead in the race for the final Europa League spot. They still have that little bit of volatility about them though, so I don’t know what to expect from them from week to week. There is a certain hype around Christian Eriksen though, and whether or not it is deserved, we will find out now during the run in. Stoke will be on the backfoot in this one and I expect Spurs to come away with it. 2-1 Tottenham.

Man Utd vs Norwich:

Bernie: It’s a new dawn at Manchester United. The Ryan Giggs management era (which will last 4 games) will begin. It’s fitting that this will happen at Old Trafford. Does Giggs play himself? That would be fun to watch now wouldn’t it? Norwich need a win to make sure they don’t fall deeper into the relegation mire. I think they are in trouble here. Manchester United have a shameful season and the players under Giggs will want to show that the United spirit isn’t dead. I see a real beating here for the Canaries. 3-0 United

Mohaned: I hate writing these predictions when whats going to be said is so obvious. So I wont go there. United will want to win this game at home. Something they have struggled to achieve on a consistent basis as of late. We might see a shuffle in tactics and formation for reasons I shall not get into 😉 Norwich have been playing well but not getting the points they perhaps deserve. I’ll go with a 2-0 United win.

Rishay: #MoyesOut and #GiggsIn?! Well, I’m not entirely shocked at the former hashtag, but I must say that Ryan Giggs in charge for the final four games sounds pretty exciting, although I’m not sure how the players will rally around him. Will we see Manchester United play some positive attacking football for the final four games? How is the morale in the dressing room? It all feels too strange seeing Manchester in managerial turmoil after all these years. Norwich are in the fight for their lives and this one is too close to call. Surely United will come away with the points? 3-1 United.


Sunday April 27th:

*Game of the week: Title Decider*

gerrard vs lampard

Liverpool vs Chelsea:

Bernie: This is it! The title decider at Anfield. If Liverpool win they will go on to become Champions for the first time in nearly a quarter century. If Chelsea win I can see the wheels falling off the reds title chase. If I’m being honest, I see Liverpool winning this game. Jose Mourinho will not play his strongest squad because he feels the Champions league is more attainable. Manuel Pellegrini won’t be happy about it all I’m sure. As a result I think Mark Schwarzer or Hilario (PLEASE NO!) will have a nightmare of Luis Suarez sized proportions. 2-1 Liverpool

Mohaned: So. Title Decider. Mourinho says he might play a weakened side. He might not even have a choice. Ramires has a 4 match ban, Terry and Cech are out injured … and their strikers are all useless regardless. If Liverpool win this one convincingly, it would be the cherry on the cake for their first ever Premier League title. Brendan Rogers has really done a great job and all he needs is this one more game. One game to rule them all. 3-1 Liverpool.

Rishay: This is it. Liverpool have passed the test against Man City. Will they beat Chelsea and all but win their first Premiership title? Or will Chelsea come away with a shock result at Anfield? Liverpool will be the fresher of the two sides, having played some 20 fewer games then their counterparts in blue. I have to say, with all their momentum, Liverpool are the favourites. Hard to disregard a Mourinho team on the otherside of the pitch, but their lack of a striker might end up being the difference in the game. 2-1 Liverpool. 

Crystal Palace vs Manchester City:

Bernie: In my right mind I’d say City will roll over Palace here. However, I’ve lost my mind and Tony Pulis is the cause. He’s turned everything on it’s head at Selhurst Park. Chelsea came to the ground and got dominated, who says they can’t do it to the sky blues. City know that with Liverpool playing Chelsea there is a chance that Chelsea can do them a favor and peg Liverpool back a notch. This will give City the fuel they need to really turn up and give Palace a hell of game. As a result I see City squeaking out a result in their favor. 1-0 City

Mohaned: Some say that Crystal Palace are in SUCH a good run of form that they are a threat to City. I’m not sure. Of course the stats back them up. Countless clean sheets recently and something like 9 out of 9 points which included beating Everton but City are a different beast especially with Aguero back. If Liverpool have already won the earlier game then the City players will be demoralised, but if Chelsea win then Crystal Palace are in trouble. 3-1 City.

Rishay: Two teams on opposite ends of the table and one fighting to stay in the Premiership while the other is fighting to win it. The odds are stacked against Palace but they have given City some scares before, and surprisingly, cannot be underestimated. City have some good momentum going into this game after their 3-1 win over West Brom but they are facing a must win situation if they want any chance of winning the league this year. This is squeaky bum time. 3-2 City.


Monday April 28th:

Arsenal vs Newcastle:

Bernie: With Ramsey, Ozil and their confidence back this will be a walk in the park. The Newcastle players are horrible, Alan Pardew is horrible and owner Mike Ashley is horrible. There really isn’t much to say about the outcome of this game. Arsenal will pass them off the park and Newcastle just won’t care. Their season was over 2 months ago and they’ve known it. Unless Pardew head butts someone again you really won’t see Newcastle get stuck in at all. I’ll even go on to say that Giroud, Ramsey and Podolski will score in this game in a 3-0 Arsenal romp

Mohaned: Newcastle have lost their last 6 games in a row. Who else but Arsenal to make a meal out of a team that is so unbelievably out of form. Arsenal need the three points here to keep Everton at bay and clinch that fourth spot again. Arsenal fans will hope Podolski has his scoring boots on again and Ramsey and Ozil click in Midfield. 2-0 Arsenal.

Rishay: Newcastle have literally turned into nothing short of garbage since the departure of Cabaye and we have been saying this every single week since his departure. They will not get anything from this game and I will most certainly not be entertaining any thoughts of them coming up with a mildly mediocre display. Arsenal will romp to victory in this one as their opponents are nothing short of a practice game against a reserve team. Arsenal 4-0.

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  1. Stoke City vs Tottenham: 1-1
    Man Utd vs Norwich: 2-0
    Liverpool vs Chelsea: 1-0
    Crystal Palace vs Manchester City: 1-3
    Arsenal vs Newcastle: 3-0

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