EPL Matchday 27 Predictions (22/02/2014)

Just when Jose looks to cement his place as the special one he goes and ruins our predictions by allowing West Brom to draw at the death. Karma for Ramires’ dive perhaps? Oh and United just don’t seem to follow the script. They were supposed to lose to the Gunners and Wenger’s boys would relaunch their title chase. Instead both teams settled for a drab draw. Tottenham hit Newcastle for FOUR! and Liverpool’s defense was definitely overrated by the three of us. Yes, it was a great weekend for any one who isn’t a fan of Man City or Sunderland. But as far as our predictions are concerned, nothing went to plan.

Game Actual Score Mohaned Bernie Rishay
West Brom Vs Chelsea 1-1 0-2 0-2 0-2
ManCity Vs Sunderland Postponed 3-1 2-0 4-1
Arsenal Vs United 0-0 1-0 2-0 2-1
Newcastle Vs Tottenham 0-4 1-2 0-1 1-2
Fulham Vs Liverpool 2-3 0-3 1-3 0-3
Matchday Points 2 2 2
Overall Points 103 118 92

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*****GAME OF THE WEEK******

The battle of the blues at the bridge will be captivating. It almost lets you down and this occasion will be no different. Both teams have a lot to play for. Roberto Martinez promised to get Everton to the Champions League and no matter what Jose Mourinho says, he desperately wants to win the league. With it all to play for it promises to be an absolute cracker.

Players to watch: Seamus Coleman and Eden Hazard. Coleman has been amazing this season but needs to maintain his form in order to push Eden Hazard back. Hazard is in devastating form and if Coleman gives him an inch of space this game will go Chelsea’s way, easily.

Hazard and Coleman

Hazard and Coleman

Chelsea Vs Everton

Rishay: Everton have had a dip in form recently and a tough fixture list doesn’t do them any favours. Earlier this season, they managed to take 3 points off Chelsea. Now, with the Blues on top of the table and in good form, things could be very different. No team has won at Stamford Bridge this season and Everton have their work cut out for them. 2-1 Chelsea.

Mohaned: This one is tought to call. Chelsea have been in the news recently due to mourinho’s mini tantrums while everton are slightly going off the boil, not in results, but in performance. This being at Stamford Bridge means I have to give Chelsea the edge. With Lukaka missing for Everton, i dont see them causing Chelsea’s back four too much trouble. 2-0 Chelsea

Bernie: Everton have come a long way under Roberto Martinez but I think the wheels may just be about to come off. Chelsea’s march to the title has started to gather momentum and Everton are a roadblock in Jose Mourinho’s way. Lukaku can’t play and he’s been at the centre at most things good with Everton’s attack. That being said Everton will not sit back and Chelsea won’t either. It should be a cracking game and I hope to see Lacina Traore. 2-1 Chelsea

Manchester City Vs Stoke City:

Rishay: The questions going into this fixture are that of how City will respond to their midweek dismantling at the hands of Barcelona. Perhaps an angry City team with show up and steamroll their opponents? Perhaps Stoke will smell blood and inflict a further wound upon a morally deflated team? The chances of the latter happening at the Etihad are slim and City will probably get back among the goals, given that Stoke will probably let them have the lion’s share of possession. 2-0 City.

Mohaned: City are coming off a weird set of results. They drew to Norwich 0-0 and then lost to Barcelona in the Champions League 2-0. Whens the last time City havent scored in 2 out of their last 3 games. The Aguero missing effect might be starting to tell. Stoke got a great result against the red side of Manchester but City are a diff ball game. 2-0 City

Bernie: City haven’t had the best of months by their standards. The loss to Barcelona will have hurt them and they will really want to take out their frustrations on Stoke City. Mark Hughes will want to put one over the team that let him go too soon. I don’t see Stoke giving this particular Manchester club a hard time however. 3-0 City

Arsenal Vs Sunderland:

Rishay: The Gunners have been through a tough test against Bayern, and how they respond to their midweek loss will show whether they are a team that is ready to challenge for honours or merely fade away when the going gets rough. Sunderland are no pushovers, and have three wins out of their last 5 in the league, including an upcoming Carling Cup final against Man City. Arsenal will want to see this one out so they can get their season back on track again, given the tough set of fixtures that is upon them. 2-0 Arsenal.

Mohaned: This game should come as a relief to Arsenal within their disgustingly busy february and march fixtures in both quantity and quality of opposition. Will Giroud play or will Arsene continue to apply the law in Gunner land? All we know is that Arsenal need the win badly while sunderland have proven to be tough opposition this season. 1-0 Arsenal.

Bernie: Just like Manchester City, the last few weeks have not been kind to the Gunners. The feared February capitulation hasn’t happened but the Gunners have definitely stuttered. A win here will help boost confidence. One will thinks that Mesut Ozil really needs to have a standout game as the critics have started to swarm. I think this will be the perfect tonic for the talisman. 2-0 Arsenal

Crystal Palace Vs Man United:

Rishay: I have a feeling that United will surprise their friends and foes alike in this fixture, and come away with three points in an excellent performance. There is a sense of uneasiness around Old Trafford with Vidic set for an exit and rumours of Van Persie unrest starting to stir. This season has been tough but if they can contain Chamakh and co., they will have momentum. 2-0 United.

Mohaned: The last run of games for Manchester United have been dissapointing. They slowly started picking it up with the draw at the Emirates. They have been on a 10 day break in sunny dubai, so lets hope they are back refreshed and that Rooney and Moyes arent sunburnt red! Crystal palace have been playing impressively this season and might cause trouble here. 2-2 Draw.

Bernie: Manchester United are a predictors worst enemy. Every time you make up a reason why they will win a game they end up messing it up. United have had a break in Dubai and should could back refreshed. All this will be of no consequence if David Moyes’ tactical ineptitude continues. Crystal Palace will be in their faces all game and United aren’t built to handle that at the moment. 1-1 draw

Liverpool Vs Swansea:

Rishay: What’s interesting is that despite hammering the big sides, the Reds have drawn with West Brom and almost dropped points at Fulham, barring a late Gerrard penalty. Perhaps Swansea are a side that might make them feel complacent? Hardly seems likely. The Swans have recently sacked Laudrup and this was a real shock. Rodgers will be geared up for the arrival of his old side and will promptly field his strongest side, which is in good form. 3-0 Liverpool.

Mohaned: Swansea are in a downward spiral thats for sure with no handbrakes on. They have not emulated last seasons form so far. Their possesion game is good and well but without a bite. Liverpool on the other hand cant stop scoring with their lethal attack but once again its their midfield and defence that can let them down. Liverpool should cruise. 3-1 Liverpool.

Bernie: If this were Rodgers vs Laudrup I’d be more excited about this fixture. Gary Monk has stabilized Swansea but somehow I just don’t care for them. After going out of the FA Cup all Liverpool have to play for now is a top 4 place, though they have an outside chance of the title. I expect a Liverpool blitz here. 3-0 Liverpool

Norwich Vs Tottenham: 

Rishay: Is a 4-0 win away at Newcastle a good result? Yes. But, given that everybody has been able to have their way with the Magpies since the departure of Cabaye, Tottenham shouldn’t get complacent with this result. A win at Norwich is on the cards and they are in pole position to get into Europe next season. 2-1 Tottenham. 

Mohaned: Is this Norwich Vs Tottenham or Vs Adebayor! Since AVB’s sacking, Adebayor’s form has improved significantly. I mean that was the only option since he never even played. If he keeps it up then Spurs will get another 3 points. Norwich will not go into this game with any expectations of any points. 3-1 Spurs 

Bernie: This will be Chris Hughton’s final game as Norwich manager. You read it here first!! Adebayor will have his way with the Canaries’ back line and that will be the final nail in the Chris’ coffin. I’m still not convinced by Mr. Sherwood despite his impressive record so far but they will win this comfortably. 2-0 Spurs

2 replies »

  1. Chelsea Vs Everton: 2-1
    Manchester City Vs Stoke City: 4-0
    Arsenal Vs Sunderland: 1-1
    Crystal Palace Vs Man United: 1-2
    Liverpool Vs Swansea: 3-1
    Norwich Vs Tottenham: 0-2

  2. Chelsea Vs Everton: 1-1
    Manchester City Vs Stoke City: 3-0
    Arsenal Vs Sunderland: 2-0
    Crystal Palace Vs Man United: 0-2
    Liverpool Vs Swansea: 3-1
    Norwich Vs Spurs: 0-0

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