EPL Matchday 26 Predictions (11/02/2014)

Midweek games are always fun. Aren’t they!? The weekend gave us some crazy games. A final last gasp equalizer for Fulham against United , an Arsenal defensive meltdown and a goalless Manchester city! WHAT! Lets hope this midweek is more straight forward for the sake of our predictions!

Previous Matchday Scores:

Here’s a reminder of last week’s scores and a recap of how we stand. Not a single perfect score. This was our lowest ever week with so many “unpredictable” upsets happening! As usual, a correct outcome warrants a point while a perfect score holds 3 points:


Tuesday February 11th:

West Brom Vs Chelsea:

Bernie: The blues are starting to hit their stride and Pepe Mel’s side just won’t be able to contain them. Hazard to star again. 2-0 Chelsea. 

Mohaned: Even though they have appointed a new manager for some well added stability, Westbrom have been on a bad patch of form recently. Chelsea on the other hand are top of the table after a crazy two weeks of results! Mourinho will say what he wants to say but there is no doubt he wants to win the league. 2-0 Chelsea.

Rishay: Chelsea have stepped into another gear with the turn of the year. The consistent performances of Hazard have been there all season long, but his return has been exceptional in the last couple of weeks. His quality alone makes the difference in an otherwise packed midfield for the Blues. Pepe Mel’s baggies won’t have enough in the tank to stall their title charge. 2-0 Chelsea.

Wednesday February 12th:

ManCity Vs Sunderland:

Bernie: City won’t have an issue scoring in this one. 3 games without a goal is impossible. Poyet’s men are playing well but this is a step too far. City 2-0 winners.

Mohaned: City have been on a, by their standards, sub par run of games where they only managed 1 point out of 6. Sunderland have been playing well under Gus Poyet but Wes Brown will be missing for them through suspension; a huge blow. At home city will score goals. 3-1 City.

Rishay: What has happened to City’s strikeforce? Perhaps the second Aguero injury has been more detrimental to their team than expected. Two back to back scoreless weeks are uncharacteristic of the Sky Blues! This match will be the preview of the Carling Cup final and you can only expect City to find their form again, despite Sunderland’s recent good form. 4-1 City. 

*Game of the week: The Old Guard*


Arsenal Vs United:

Bernie: United’s season is going down the drain. Arsenal will be determined to react to their 5-1 drubbing by Liverpool. United don’t have the solidity to deal with the arsenal fluidity. 2-0 Arsenal.

Mohaned: Every time Arsenal are on a better run of form than United, they still end up not getting the 3 points. Its this age old mental block Arsenal have against them. Arsenal NEED to bounce back from their defeat to Liverpool with a win here before their congested fixture list starts to pile. 1-0 Arsenal

Rishay: The Gunners have come across some squad unrest prior to the Liverpool game, in which they were surprisingly, and comprehensively dismantled. They will be looking to get back on track and a home game against United will look like three points to them. United will be on the back foot in this one because Arsenal are the better team, without question. Although they showed some fight against Fulham, they have been well below par this season and Arsenal will be looking to get back on track. 2-1 Arsenal.

Newcastle Vs Tottenham:

Bernie: Sherwood has galvanized spurs while Newcastle are on the decline. Without Cabaye you wonder where the engine will come from. Tottenham will win but it won’t be a blitz by any means. 1-0 Tottenham.

Mohaned: Tottenham surprised me by beating Everton and playing such a good defensive game. Can they get 6 points from Everton followed by Newcastle. That would be a great run of results for them. Im going to back them up to get a result for once. Don’t let me down! 2-1 Spurs.

Rishay: Newcastle’s season has derailed with the surprise selling of Cabaye to PSG. Fans are disgruntled yet again on Tyneside. What’s new? They don’t act in the best interests of their team. Business can come at a cost, but that cost doesn’t always have a monetary impact. Tottenham have been a different side altogether after Sherwood’s appointment. They have put themselves well in contention for a top 4-top 5 finish and will be the favourites here. 2-1 Tottenham. 

Fulham Vs Liverpool:

Bernie: Fulham will get a thrashing. Yes they came to Old Trafford and were penned in the whole game but they came out with a draw. This won’t happen against the SAS and co. It won’t be death by crossing and Liverpool will cruise to a 3-1 win.

Mohaned: Fulham will find it approximately 12 times harder to defend against Liverpool the way they did against United. Liverpool have a flowing attack system that has arguably the best attacking player in the world at the moment. Liverpool should not make this a hard game at all. 3-0 Liverpool.

Rishay: If Fulham play like they did at Old Trafford this weekend, Liverpool will open them up and surgically dismantle them. The Reds have been so strong this season and murmurings of their dynasty making a resurrection have become louder and louder with each groundbreaking result. 5-0 against Tottenham away, 4-0 against Everton at home, 5-1 against Arsenal at home, just to name a few. They will see our Fulham without getting out of 3rd gear. 3-0 Liverpool

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  1. West Brom Vs Chelsea: 1-3
    ManCity Vs Sunderland: 3-1
    Arsenal Vs United: 2-2
    Newcastle Vs Tottenham: 1-1
    Fulham Vs Liverpool: 1-2

  2. West Brom Vs Chelsea: 1-2
    ManCity Vs Sunderland: 3-0
    Arsenal Vs United: 2-0
    Newcastle Vs Tottenham: 1-1
    Fulham Vs Liverpool: 1-3

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