EPL Matchday 25 Predictions (08/02/2014)

Another round of predictions is upon us! These are always so much fun to do as they prove that we know nothing about football. Fun. Its been a great experience so far and you always get a thrill when you predict a perfect score. Sometimes your team would be winning by the score you predicted and you actually don’t want them to score one more! crazy! This is why betting is bad!

Previous Matchday Scores:

Here’s a reminder of last week’s scores and a recap of how we stand. As usual, a correct outcome warrants a point while a perfect score holds 3 points:


Saturday February 8th:

*Game of the week: The Reds do Battle*

arsenal liverpool

Liverpool Vs Arsenal:

Bernie: In the last meeting Arsenal swept Liverpool aside. Arsenal have a wonderful attack based on fluid football where positions are an afterthought. Liverpool will be hoping the SAS can carry them to a home victory. I feel Arsenal will be galvanized from finding themselves top of the league at this point. 2-1 Arsenal

Mohaned: These two teams well are very well matched. No one expected the 2-0 clear win by Arsenal at the Emirates. This time its at Anfield, at the Kop End. Liverpool will step up their game but will again rely heavily on their attack to bail them out. Arsenal will play an all round solid game if they bring it. I see Arsenal shading this one but it might be a draw. I’ll go with 2-1 Arsenal.

Rishay: The game of the weekend! Arsenal are on top of the table for now, and enjoyed a 2-0 win over Liverpool in the reverse fixture earlier this season. That game will have no effect on the outcome of this game however. Liverpool have gone from strength to strength and it will be very interesting to see perhaps one of the most lethal attacks go up against one of the most solid defenses. All eyes on this one. 1-0 Arsenal.

Norwich Vs ManCity:

Bernie: Chris Hughton won’t be at Norwich past this season, that’s just my belief. It’s because Norwich play like a team without much of that. Man City will see this as the perfect opportunity to bounce back from losing their home invincibility at the hands of Chelsea. They got hit for 7 at the Etihad, I expect Norwich to be hit for 4 this time around. 4-0 City

Mohaned: The loss to Chelsea will have no bearing on this game for City. If anything, they will take it out on Norwich and poor Chris Hughton. Norwich played a good game against Cardiff, although losing at the end. Aguero’s loss is a big factor for City but that’s a less of a worry against Norwich and more so against Barcelona. For now they should be back to cruising ways. 3-0 City.

Rishay: City have crushed Norwich on their home soil recently. Norwich just recently miraculously lost to Cardiff as well and will be low on confidence coming into this one. City will want to vindicate their loss to Chelsea. I think all of these conditions equate to City coming out of this fixture with another 4 – 7 goals to their tally. 5-0 City

Chelsea Vs Newcastle:

Bernie: Newcastle beat Chelsea earlier at St. James Park. It was a brilliant performance from the magpies. That gave Mourinho plenty of food for thought. This game will not resemble that one in any way, shape or form. Chelsea will be buoyed by their win at the Etihad  while Newcastle have sold their best player and Director of Football Joe Kinnear has left – good riddance Joe! Newcastle are a mess and Chelsea will have it easy. 2-0 Chelsea

Mohaned: Will you look at that. We all seem to have gone for the same score line! I thought that was Arsenal’s go to score. Anyways, Chelsea (Well Mourinho) should continue their stellar form as of late. The special one will have another game plan for his one to get all three points. Eto to score here. 2-0 Chelsea

Rishay: Chelsea will be buoyed by their result against City, being the first team to take any points away from the Etihad and also putting themselves as firm contenders for the title. What a strategy from Mourinho, lurking in the corner and then striking when the timing is right. Chelsea should be able to handle a Newcastle team that is badly missing Cabaye. 2-0 Chelsea

Sunday February 9th:

Tottenham Vs Everton:

Bernie: What a game this promises to be! Both of these teams are fighting tooth and nail for the final Champions League spot. Both have stuttered recently but both showed great powers of recovery to prevent losses. Martinez’s Everton are indeed playing very well but somehow I think that Spurs will be more resolute at home than they’ve been all season. Vertonghen comes back to solidify the defense while I expect Adebayor to maintain his form. Everton have some injuries but they are still very classy. I’ll be safe and go 1-1.

Mohaned: Although Liverpool Vs Arsenal is our game of the week, I think this one will be the most entertaining. As of late, these two teams have neglected any sort of defensive solidity which they had started the season with. It should be attack vs attack. Lukaku missing will be a huge blow for Everton but i think they can cope. If Tim the gooner doesn’t experiment too much, Spurs should be fine but for some reason, i doubt that. So its a bold 2-0 to Everton.

Rishay: What a game this one could be! Mirallas is on absolute fire and is the driving force for the Toffees this season. They have their share of lingering injuries right now, and that tips the balance slightly in Tottenham’s favour. The Spurs have been completely thrown off their game since the drubbing against City, but could rise to the occasion in this one. I think a draw is a fair result for both teams, and United will be hoping for this so that they can gain some ground on that elusive 4th place finish. 1-1 draw.

ManUtd Vs Fulham:

Bernie: Next season I might just drop United from these predictions. The team has no consistency. Part of that is due to injuries and the other is the tactical impotence of manager David Moyes. Another United old boy in Rene Meulensteen returns. I do believe that United will do the business though as Fulham are in shambles. However, New signing Mitrioglu and Holtby could spring a surprise and United must be wary. If not, the season will well and truly be over. 2-1 Untied.

Mohaned: Well hello there. United, we meet again. Oh how many prediction points you have cost me this season. Yet, I still persist. So the opposition this time are FULHAM. Again, FULHAM. Need i say more. Honestly United should just show up and win a straightforward game for once. With their scary trident in attack, was more of a fork against Stoke, they should score some goals. 2-0 United.

Rishay: If United lose to Fulham, the police should prepare themselves for scores of drunken fans calling and asking for SAF! Rene Meulensteen will be back at Old Trafford, and knows this squad inside out, so I wouldn’t actually throw Fulham under the bus for this one! Unbelievable to imagine… all fairness, I think Fulham are going down, so United will take 3 points. 3-1 United. 


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  1. Liverpool vs Arsenal: 0-2
    Norwich vs ManCity: 1-3
    Chelsea vs Newcastle: 2-1
    Spurs vs Everton: 2-2
    ManUtd vs Fulham: 2-0

  2. Live Winter Olympics – games opening cermnoy is amazing – canada presented with a big team – good luck

  3. Wow unbelievable game at Anfield. The biggest issue I have with the game is that Wenger didn’t adjust his tactics to being away to the hottest attack in the league. Mourinho adjusts his tactics and plays based on the opponents at the time. Wenger didn’t, played open against a superior attack, and got totally rocked for it.

    Ozil has been a big disappointment for me I am sad to say. He is no where close to being as influential as Fabregas was when he was playing at his best. For $40 million we need a player that can take the game by the horns, and Ozil is just not having an effect either in open play or in set pieces. His lack of shooting threat really takes away from his value.

    Giroud was far too isolated and the high line was exposed again and again. Arsenal needed to sit deep and counter Mourinho style for this one I believe.

    On Liverpool’s note, they had their strongest team with the exception of missing Enrique and Agger. Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge and Coutinho are playing unbelievably well and the level of passing and movement from even Gerrard and Henderson was astonishingly good.

    Mourinho’s Chelsea are rightfully top because they are adapting game by game. Wenger needs to get better at his strategy rather than hoping his packed 4-2-3-1 midfield can combine to win every game. It has worked superbly, but for the BIG GAMES he needs to change his strategy sometimes.

    • I agree with what you said. Instead of commenting on it i will add to it.

      Two main points:

      1. For arsenal to win they all have to be on their game. They dont have that star player that can carry them out of a tricky situation on his own. Every other top team has one ATLEAST. Aguero, yaya, suarez, rooney, Hazard and so on. Arsenal dont have that guy. Which means for arsenal to succeed they all must be playing top notch which is hard to ask for every game. Which brings me to the second point.

      2. Giroud is OK. But he is no where near leading the line for a title winning team. Mentally, opposition defenders arent even worried prior to the game. They know full well that he will not get the ball, turn, and then take them on. Its so stress free defending giroud. Arsenal need a striker that can make something happen out of nothing. Thats such a key component to a title winning team. Giroud needs so much work from team mates to have any sort of an impact that it gets to the point where he just finishes off moves but never makes the whole move.


      In the end, I honestly have no idea where arsenal score goals from. I know they have been all season but it baffles me. Cus we dont have a single clear cut goal scorer in our team. They all just contribute a bit. So i look at todays line up and wonder, who will score? I can tell you for sure who will not. Wilshere Ozil Ox Arteta Rosicky will not score goals. On average its a safe bet to say they wont. Giroud only if the rest of the team are superb. That leave Walcott who is out all season and Cazorla. Its just not good enough. Janurary needed to see us buy a proven goal getter who will rack up stats regardless of looking good or not while doing it.

      Anyways. so ya!

      • I definitely agree Mohaned, if we had managed to get Suárez in the summer and had Walcott stayed healthy who knows how far in the lead Arsenal would have been

      • With suarez in this fluid formation and our strong defensive start. We would be cruising by now. Absolutely cruising.

      • I know. I think we might finish 3rd, just not enough star power to take us the whole way. I love the team depth but better big gamestrategy and a world class forward would take us to the top easily.

      • Wengers problem is he fixes one issue at a time. Never all at once. One at a time. Players get bored of promises and leave. With one harder push in the summer or jan we couldve had ourselves a title. How u can win the epl or cl with giroud and bendtner is beyond me

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