EPL Matchday 17 Predictions (21/12/2013)

An exciting array of games from last weekend have gotten us pumped up to resume our weekly predictions! City and Arsenal battled it out at the Etihad while Liverpool Steam rolled spurs, picking up AVB on the way out. A recap of last matchday’s action (as well as the CL draw) is on our latest CoshCast which you can enjoy on Soundcloud or subscribe through iTunes:

Previous Matchday Scores:

Here’s a reminder of last week’s scores and the overall points tally for the three of us so far. As usual, a correct outcome warrants a point while a perfect score holds 3 points. Last week did not feature a single perfect score:


Saturday December 21st:

Liverpool vs Cardiff City:

Bernie: Luis Suarez is on a tear in the last few weeks. This is not the best time for Cardiff to be playing the reds. I don’t believe their defense will be able to handle Liverpool’s roaming forward play. I’ll go for 3-0 Liverpool

Mohaned: Liverpool have to win this game to leapfrog arsenal and Chelsea to the top of the table and put pressure on both of them before their game on Monday. If they play at 75% of what they showed at White Hart Lane then they will win this comfortably. 2-0 Liverpool.

Rishay: What form this Liverpool team is on! Sensational win at White Hart Lane last weekend that resulted in AVB’s ousting as manager. Suarez has more goals than half of the teams in England’s top flight, in 5 fewer games. Cardiff should be happy to get some playing experience at Anfield this weekend. 3-1 Liverpool.

Fulham vs ManCity:

Bernie: Yes we all know that Man City have been completely useless away from home. However, Fulham have been completely useless the whole season. I don’t expect Meulensteen to work wonders in this match. This will be an education for Fulham’s schoolboy players. 3-0 City

Mohaned: Fulham and City have been at either end of the table all season long. City have been very strong in attack but will miss Aguero this game. Their defense has not been very solid though. I think this will be a high scoring game. ill go with 3-2 City.

Rishay: Can we expect Fulham to give City a run for their money, citing City’s away form? I’m not positive about that, especially with an improvement in away form recently from City. I think Fulham would do well to get themelves on the scoresheet, but City will win. 3-1 City.

ManUtd vs West Ham:

Bernie: United seem to have steadied the ship. We’ve all said that before haven’t we? They were impressive away to villa and away to Stoke in the cup. Home form has been bad and needs to improve. West Ham come off a confidence building win over Spurs so they will be up for this. With 3 in midfield united should win 2-0.

Mohaned: RVP is out injured and Rooney is a doubt for this game so its a question of who will score for United. Maybe the best CM in the league in Cleverly!? Alright seriously though, Manchester should win this game but im still skeptical about there “renaissance”. Their defense has been solid so ill go with a 1-0 United win.

Rishay: Can the injuries to United’s front line be a blessing in disguise for the club? Squad players will be given starts and lots of playing time and hopefully they will be able to deliver the goods. United have been one of the best away teams in the EPL this year, but it has been their home form that has been poor. West Ham have been plucky at Old Trafford in recent years, and will have nothing to lose from this one, but I get the impression that United will be feeling equally confident, strangely enough. 2-1 United.

Sunday December 22nd:

Southampton vs Tottenham:

Bernie: Spurs have had a rough week. Southampton have had a good season by their standards. The wheels have come off a bit for the saints but they will be confident at home against the stuttering london side. I see a draw here 1-1.

Mohaned: Both these teams have been off form in recent weeks. They both try and play in a similar fashion so this is a 50-50 for me. Will be a very circumstantial game. Which ever team makes mistakes will rue their luck. Ill go with a 2-2 draw.

Rishay: Lots of recent setbacks for Tottenham, including a Carling Cup exit at the hands of rivals West Ham in midweek. Southampton have dipped in form as well, and I feel that they might slip further without a squad that can make a consistent challenge. It is a trend to see teams with new managers make a sudden positive change in form, but with Tottenham’s lack of chemistry, along with recent injuries to Sandro and a suspension to Paulinho, I’m not sure where they will get their goals from. 2-1 Southampton.

Monday December 23rd:

*Game of the week: London derby*

wenger vs mourinho

Two points separate Arsenal and Chelsea at the top of the table. Chelsea have a chance to leap frog Arsenal with an away win at the Emirates. Arsenal will want to bounce back from their loss to City to prove their title challenging credentials while Mourinho has yet to be beaten by Wenger after 9 times of asking. This encounter is always feisty with Mourinho always on top. This time however, Arsene will be glad to not see Drogba take the pitch as he has been constantly a thorn in Arsenal’s side. This top of the table clash will be a mouth watering encounter and one that will definitely ease the burden of a Monday night!

Arsenal vs Chelsea:

Bernie: This game I can’t wait for. Ever since Mourinho came back and Fergie left we all knew this was the managerial battle the world wanted to see. The Special One against Le Professeur. Arsenal have hit a relative bad patch of form and Chelsea come off a heartbreaking extra time loss to Sunderland in the Capital One Cup. I have to predict something right? Arsenal are at home and should be favorites here but Chelsea have a point to prove. I think I have to go for a draw here. Recently neither team has proven to me they are much better than the other so 2-2.

Mohaned:  Ahhhh this old fixture. It very very rarely goes well for Arsenal against Chelsea. Recently it has been a bit better than the previous Mourinho days but now that he is back it might be DeJa Vu. Chelsea already beat arsenal once this season in the Capital cup. I really don’t know how to go about this. So ill just guess. 2-1 Arsenal.

Rishay: Chelsea have been leaking goals. All they have is a midfield and they have no defense or offense. Arsenal have some tough tests in the past couple of games and Chelsea are going to be the easier of Napoli and Man City, especially home at the Emirates. The 2-0 Carling Cup loss to the Blues earlier in the season will be long forgotten for this one, as Chelsea cannot keep a clean sheet to save their lives. I expect Arsenal to come up with the win in this fixture, although Chelsea might make a good fight out of it. 2-1 Arsenal.

8 replies »

  1. Liverpool vs Cardiff: 3-0
    Fulham vs Man.City: 1-3
    Man U vs West Ham: 2-0
    Southampton vs Spurs:1-1
    Arsenal vs Chelsea: 2-0

  2. l’pool v cardiff: 2-2;
    Fulham v Man City: 1-3
    Man U v West ham: 3-1
    S’oton v Spurs: 1-1
    Arsenal v Chelsea: 1-2

  3. Liverpool vs. Cardiff: 4-1
    Fulham vs. Man City: 1-3
    Man Utd. vs. West Ham: 2-1
    Southampton vs. Spurs: 1-0
    Arsenal vs. Chelsea: 2-1

  4. Liverpool vs. Cardiff: 3-0
    Fulham vs. Man City: 0-2
    Man Utd. vs. West Ham: 2-0
    Southampton vs. Spurs: 2-2
    Arsenal vs. Chelsea: 1-2

  5. Liverpool vs Cardiff 3-1
    fulham vs Man city 1-2
    Man utd vs West Ham 2-1
    Southampton vs spurs 1-1
    Arsenal vs Chelsea 2-2

  6. Liverpool vs Cardiff 2-1
    fulham vs Man city 1-2
    Man Utd vs West Ham 1-1
    Southampton vs spurs 2-1
    Arsenal vs Chelsea 3-1

  7. Liverpool vs Cardiff: 3-0
    Fulham vs Man.City: 0-2
    Man U vs West Ham: 2-1
    Southampton vs Spurs:1-2
    Arsenal vs Chelsea: 2-1

  8. Liverpool vs Cardiff: 2-0
    Fulham vs Man.City: 1-3
    Man U vs West Ham: 2-1
    Southampton vs Spurs:1-1
    Arsenal vs Chelsea: 2-3

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