CoshCast Ep7: All Roads Lead to Rio

Welcome to Episode 7 of our Coshcast!

We’ve got some great news! The podcast is finally on iTunes. Please subscribe to keep up to date with all new activities:

Who will make it out of the World Cup groups of Death! Are England making it? Portugal? Italy? Netherlands? The USA’s Manifest Destiny is shot. Some big teams will miss out on the knockout stages that’s for sure!

We also delve into the Arsenal-Everton game over the weekend. Extensively analyse #MoyesOut and ManUtd’s recent slump in form all season. Chelsea and City also dropping points. Suarez ripping the league apart.

Bayern Munich with a very tight 7-0 game while Dortmund drop points. Messi-less Barcelona seem to be in a slight pinch of trouble as well.


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