EPL Matchday 14 Predictions (04/12/2013)

Our first midweek matchday is upon us! The EPL is boiling up to a very intense and fixture pilled December. We cant wait! Its safe to say that by January 1st we will know who are title contenders and who are pretenders. As usual for our predictions, 1 point is awarded for the correct outcome and 3 points for a perfect score.

Exciting new news for the blog this week. Our podcast is finally on ITunes. Check it out:

Here’s a reminder of last week’s scores and the overall points tally for the three of us so far. Bernie with a great week to pull away in the lead while Mohaned and Rishay slightly more disappointing.

Previous Matchday Scores:


Wednesday December 4th:

*Game of the Week: Manchester United Vs Everton*

Manchester vs everton (2)

Coming back from White Hart Lane, Manchester United are in for another tough encounter at Old Trafford against high flying Everton. Everton will be without their talisman left back in Baines but they are not short on quality all over the field. This will be a well balanced encounter with the Theatre of Dreams crowd to be a big factor. Its Rooney vs Lukaka. Its Jagielka vs Vidic. This will be EPIC!

Manchester United vs Everton:

Bernie: This is all about David Moyes’ coming up against his former club. If Everton can come to Old Trafford and win then it will go a long way to proving that the club from Goodison Park are better off without the man who was there for 12 years. Might be a good game for Fellaini to start to justify his price tag. The game will likely be decided by another former blue who is in red hot form; Wayne Rooney. United defenders need to be at their best or be destroyed by the beast that is Romelu Lukaku. 2-1 United

Mohaned: ManUtd didn’t register a single shot on target against Tottenham outside Rooney’s goal. Their attack has been slightly blunt in the league in terms of creativity but not necessarily output. Two big factors are effecting my prediction here; Is Jones injured? and is RVP back for this game? If ManUtd play with a CM partnership of two of Giggs Cleverly or Fellaini then Everton might win the midfield battle. Out on the wings Everton are going to miss Baines greatly even though Oviedo had a great performance as his replacement last game. I will go bold here and say 2-1 to Everton.

Rishay: Everton are on fire this season under Martinez and will be a force to reckon with for this game. United have been sloppy and coming off consecutive 2-2 draws. 12 games unbeaten is not a bad sign yet they continue to lose ground from the top. A potential upset may be on the cards if Everton are left to play their game freely without being made to work. This will be a tough battle and my heart is with United. 2-1 United.

Sunderland vs Chelsea:

Bernie: Sunderland have been making steady improvement under new manager Gus Poyet but I just can’t see them getting anything against Chelsea. Yes they dominated City but Jose’s championship march is beginning to take shape and I don’t see Poyet’s group of misfits getting in their way. 2-0 Chelsea

Mohaned: Cheslea saved Mourinho’s Stamford Bridge record last week with a great second half performance against Southampton. They will be glad to be playing away against a relegation battling team in Sunderland. Poyet is starting to get Sunderland playing good football but will need a miracle to take points off Chelsea here. I will go with a 3-0 Chelsea win.

Rishay: Chelsea seem to have found some efficiency in their heels by sneaking into second place in the league. Sunderland are not going to be bossing them around the park in this one that’s for sure. I expect Chelsea to come away with the goods. 2-0 Chelsea.

Arsenal vs Hull City TIGERS:

Bernie: Hull pulled off a miracle last week stumping the 3 of us. Is this a sign of Liverpool’s inconsistency or are Hull that good. I think the former, so the Gunners who are topping the table at the moment should tame these tigers quite easily. 3-0 Arsenal

Mohaned: I have enjoyed watching Hull this season. They have an animal spirit! They pounced on Liverpool last game and came away with all three points. They are currently clawing their way up the table trying to get away from the relegation zone. All that being said, I think Arsenal should be able to get all 3 points at home on their current form. Arsene Wenger may rest some players before their hectic December. In the end i think it will be a tighter game than expected. 2-1 Arsenal.

Rishay: Arsenal have been defensively solid this season. Ozil has come back into life as well, and this spells trouble for Hull. However, after coming off a huge 3-1 win against a lackluster Liverpool side over the weekend, Hull will fancy themselves to get on the scoresheet in this one, however unlikely that may be. Arsenal for the 3-0 win.

Westbrom vs Manchester City:

Bernie: West Brom have been desperately unlucky this season. They’ve played well but haven’t had the points total their performances deserve. Don’t think this will improve as they come up against City. The Citizens have a woeful away record this season. However, they all know they have to put this right and will be motivated for this one. I think City will put their away day blues behind them. 3-1 City

Mohaned: With 1 win in their last 7, its unlikely that Westbrom will turn that stat around against City. City have been woeful away from home but i think Pellegrini has finally found his groove and best 11. Negredo is here to stay aswell as Nasri and Navas on the wings. ManCity to win 3-1.

Rishay: The baggies have been putting in some good performances but somehow been coming up short this season. City will look to straighten the course of their away form in the league, which has been sub par so far. City should come away with the goods, 2-1 City.

Fulham vs Tottenham:

Bernie: Spurs restored a little bit of pride by drawing 2-2 with United. Even though they scored two goals (one freekick and one wonder strike) Spurs didn’t create much in the whole game. De Gea didn’t have all that much to do so I’m not sure Spurs have found their attacking spirit yet. Fulham are a good team to try new tactics and new methods to get things going again. Martin Jol is gone and they are just plain useless. Still new managers tend to invigorate a side. Ok! I’ll go for Spurs to win 2-0 (shocking I know)

Mohaned: Fulham have been one of the whipping boys of the season so far. Martin Jol is gone and people believe a new coach can put some spirit into the players but spirit without quality is useless. I have a feeling this game will be Spurs’ new beginning in the league. They will walk all over Fulham in this London Derby. 3-0 Spurs.

Rishay: Spurs need to find their scoring form, and not rely on Sandro to come up with long range beauties too often. Fulham is a derby game for them, and both sides will be looking to get their momentum going from this fixture. I expect Tottenham to come away with the goods after showing their mettle over the weekend against the Champions. 2-1 Spurs.

Liverpool vs Norwich:

Bernie: Liverpool need to bounce back from only picking up 1 point out the last 6. Sturridge is out for a few months and a lot rests on Senor Suarez’s shoulders. Norwich might have picked up a victory last time out but they are still very much useless. At Anfield I expect Liverpool to win this game. Let’s go with 3-0 Liverpool. Suarez will tear them apart.

Mohaned: Liverpool will bounce back. Again, it all hinges on SAS but this game it will be just S. Sturridge is injured for 7 weeks and Suarez has it all to do. Liverpool’s midfield isnt up to par to help him out what so ever in Gerrard, Henderson and Lucas. His only help might be Countinho, Moses, or Sterling. That said Norwich wont get anything at Anfield. 2-0 Liverpool. (lets hope skrtel decides to stop scoring own goals)

Rishay: Liverpool put in a performance more embarrassing than my prediction of their game this past weekend, but lightning should not strike twice in the same place. They will be bolstered by the home crowd at Anfield and Norwich will have their work cut out for them. The Reds will look to squash Norwich and it could be a mauling. 4-0 Liverpool.

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  1. Manchester United vs Everton: 2-2 – Lukaku vs. Evans lol
    Sunderland vs Chelsea: 1-2 – Chelsea to struggle, just about win it
    Arsenal vs Hull City TIGERS: 2-0 – Another professional job by the Gunners
    Westbrom vs Manchester City: 2-2 – City’s dodgy away form continues, WBA play best against big teams
    Fulham vs Tottenham: 1-1 – Fulham lift their game for Muelensteen and frustrate Spurs
    Liverpool vs Norwich: 3-1 – Dominant win, but almost hard to imagine Lpool keeping a clean sheet atm

  2. Manchester United vs Everton: 2-1
    Sunderland vs Chelsea: 1-3
    Arsenal vs Hull City TIGERS: 2-0
    Westbrom vs Manchester City: 2-3
    Fulham vs Tottenham: 1-1
    Liverpool vs Norwich: 3-1

  3. Manchester United vs Everton: 1-0
    Sunderland vs Chelsea:2-0
    Arsenal vs Hull City TIGERS: 3-0
    Westbrom vs Manchester City: 0-5
    Fulham vs Tottenham: 2.1
    Liverpool vs Norwich: 1-0

  4. Man U vs Everton: 1-1
    Sunderland vs Chelsea: 0-2
    Arsenal vs Hull: 3-0
    Westbrom vs Man City: 1-3
    Fulham vs Spurs: 1-1
    Liverpool vs Norwich: 3-1

  5. Man U vs Everton: 2-1
    Sunderland vs Chelsea: 0-1
    Arsenal vs Hull: 2-1
    Westbrom vs Man City: 0-4
    Fulham vs Spurs: 1-2
    Liverpool vs Norwich: 4-1

  6. Man U vs Everton: 1-1
    Sunderland vs Chelsea: 1-3
    Arsenal vs Hull: 3-1
    Westbrom vs Man City: 1-3
    Fulham vs Spurs: 2-2
    Liverpool vs Norwich: 2-1

  7. Manchester United vs Everton: 2-2
    Sunderland vs Chelsea: 2-1
    Arsenal vs Hull City TIGERS: 2-0
    Westbrom vs Manchester City: 1-3
    Fulham vs Tottenham: 0-2
    Liverpool vs Norwich: 2-1

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