EPL Matchday 13 Predictions (30/11/2013)

A highly entertaining Champions League and Europa League (not as entertaining) round of games, which saw Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, and Tottenham secure their positions in the knockout rounds, has now made way to the league games. It is now set up nicely to going back to predicting the scores for the Premier League. 1 point is awarded for the correct outcome and 3 points for a perfect score.

A recap of last weekend’s games in the Premier League was highlighted in our latest podcast:

Here’s a reminder of last week’s scores and the overall points tally for the three of us so far.

Previous Matchday Scores:


Saturday November 30th:

Cardiff vs Arsenal:

Bernie: Cardiff have taken 4 points from both Manchester clubs this season. That will give them belief going into this game. However, Arsenal are on a roll right now and I can’t look past the gunners in this one. One thing is for sure, the Arsenal will need to be at their best because Cardiff fight to the very end. 2-0 Arsenal

Mohaned: Arsenal are playing some good football recently. I back them to keep the trend going. Cardiff obviously coming off a confidence draw against Manchester United. Going to Wales is never an easy away game but Arsenal should get all three points. Ill go with a 2-0 Arsenal win.

Rishay: Cardiff will be buoyed by their previous 2-2 draw against the champions, but it won’t be anything that the Gunners can’t handle. Arsenal are looking like much more fluid and consistent in the league and should be able to come away with the goods in this one. Unless a CL hangover is in the air, Arsenal 3-1 win.

Sunday December 1st:

*Game of the week: Tottenham vs Manchester United*


ManUtd are back from Germany with a 5-0 win against Bayer Leverkusen in the champions league while Tottenham are coming off a 6-0 loss to City in the league. Their current forms cannot be any further apart. We all know form is not always a decider when teams with quality go head to head. Both these teams play better on the counter than in possession which sets up for a very exciting end to end game. Similarly, both teams focus their attacking play down the flanks with pacey wingers and full backs. We are in for an exciting game!

Tottenham vs Manchester United:

Bernie: Tottenham need to win this game a lot more than United and the pressure will be on AVB’s shoulders in this encounter. However, United dropping points to Cardiff will not have sat well with David Moyes. If Moyes’ team are to mount a serious title challenge they need to take care of business here. Tottenham will come out swinging at home and a wounded animal is the most dangerous. 1-0 United

Mohaned: These two teams are at opposite ends of the confidence spectrum at the moment. One scoring 5 and the other shipping more than that. In the end its going to be a close game. Both teams have a similar game plan in counter attacks and wing play so it should be a tight one. I feel Rooney will be, once again, the difference maker for ManUtd. A tight 2-1 United win for me.

Rishay:  Tottenham will be looking to bounce back after their humiliation at the Etihad last week. The Spurs have all but scored their chances this season and AVB’s reign has come under a few questions. United will be in good spirits after their 5-0 win away in Germany in the CL, but their league form needs consistency. This game will be pivotal for both teams and they both desperately need results. 2-1 United

Hull City Vs Liverpool:

Bernie: Hull are a team I like but they just won’t have the strength in defense to contain the magical SAS. 3-0 Liverpool. Sorry Liverpool fans, no need to elaborate this one is already in the books.

Mohaned: Hull are a team with Egyptian connections, with an Egyptian owner and two Egyptian players so i feel bad writing them off. But Liverpool should really have no issue here. Hull lost their previous game to a 10 man Crystal Palace relegation rival. Ill go for a 3-0 Liverpool win. (I realize we all said the same scores. Rest assured we do these separately then add them here)

Rishay:  Hull should be no match for the Reds. SAS will murder Hull and it won’t even be close. 3-0 Liverpool

Manchester City vs Swansea:

Bernie: Swansea are a good team. I like them, they play football the “right” way. However, this is City at home. The Etihad statdium is the scariest place for an opposition team to come to. I really fear for Michael Laudrup’s men in this one. I want to say 4-0 but I think I’ll be slightly more conservative and go with 3-0 City

Mohaned: Swansea are seen as a challenging team due to their form from last season. This season however, they have not been stable in terms of results of even performances. Their main man Michu has gone off the boil while Bony is not able to replace his goals. City on the other hand are ON FIRE at home this season. I expect at least 4 goals here. 4-0 City win.

Rishay:  City at home are phenomenal and a team to be feared. They had some questions asked of their defense in midweek but should be able to patch it up by the time this fixture comes around. Swansea are a brave lot but this very much David v Goliath. 4-1 City

Chelsea vs Southampton:

Bernie: The special one’s second coming is going well I guess but it’s not the demolition of the league that we all expected. Southampton have been refreshing this season but the cream always rises to the top and I feel that the Arsenal result was the beginning of their decline. Chelsea at home should have enough to squeeze past the Saints. I don’t expect a striker to score because Chelsea strikers don’t understand what they are paid to do. That being said I see Chelsea winning this one 3-1 

Mohaned:  Chelsea coming off a disappointing result in midweek’s champions league but should be able to put things right here. The issue is that I dont believe Mourinho himself knows who his best 11 are. The result will be very dependent on who starts for Chelsea. On the other hand Southampton are very organised defensively and will be hard to break down. I would go with a 2-2 draw in this one.

Rishay:  The Blues and their stacked midfield will be tested against the stubborn outfit the Saints put out against them. Southampton were unlucky to lose 2-0 at the Emirates last week after Boruc’s blunder set the tone early on. They will have bouts of controlled possession and should look organized in this one. Chelsea will have to get creative and not take them lightly. 2-1 Chelsea

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  1. Cardiff vs Arsenal: 1-3
    Spurs vs Man United: 2-2
    Hull vs Liverpool: 0-2
    Man City vs Swansea: 3-1
    Chelsea vs Southampton: 2-0

    • I know you beat me last week but you can’t be serious bro. 4-0 to the gooners? Swansea to score twice at the etihad. If you get this right you can take my title of the special one.

  2. Cardiff vs Arsenal: 0-3
    Spurs vs Man United: 0-0
    Hull vs Liverpool: 2-2
    Man City vs Swansea: 3-0
    Chelsea vs Southampton: 2-1

  3. Cardiff vs Arsenal: 0-2
    Spurs vs Man United: 2-0
    Hull vs Liverpool: 1-3
    Man City vs Swansea: 2-1
    Chelsea vs Southampton: 3-0

  4. Cardiff vs Arsenal: 1-2
    Spurs vs Man United: 2-1
    Hull vs Liverpool: 0-3
    Man City vs Swansea: 3-2
    Chelsea vs Southampton: 2-1

    • Spurs to beat United? I can’t lie it’s a scary thought for me but I do think if the Devils play with 5 in the midfield the lack of creativity that spurs have shown will be further illuminated. Same team vs Leverkusen. You think Swansea can score two at the Etihad?

  5. Lovely piece. You have got the prediction for last week’s Arsenal match right, Mohaned? Amazing! It’s so good as you can have different voices in one article. Spurs vs Man.U match gonna be really interesting. I will be at the White Hart Lane this Sunday. Let’s see what will happen. 🙂

    • Yup, im proud of that one! oooooh White Hart lane. You gonna be sitting with the home or away fans? (So first the Alex Ferguson book, then now White Hart lane) tsk tsk 🙂 Lets hope its goals galore then. The stats say ManUtd should win but you never know. Enjoy! Any predictions for the game?

      • More to come about London… I will be sitting in the Press Box which is next to the players’ tunnel. I would be happier if it was at the Emirates. 🙂 For me, I wonder whether Spurs have already run out of their goal budget this week. So 3-0! Though I am bad at making predictions…

      • Thats so funny. “Spurs have already run out of their goal budget this week” They made hard work at the arctic with that orange ball! Ya i think Man.Utd will win this. Next to the tunnel! Enjoy 🙂

      • How was the white hart lane experience!? At least the locals were relatively happy … although they did throw away the game by GIVING Manutd two needless goals!

      • Hahaha, a draw is the best result I expect. It’s bit funny when Villas-Boas had a “fight” with two journalists during the press conference and when the noise fans made to him as he changed Lennon with Townsend. Oh something more, Mark Bridge was sitting in front of me 😉

      • Its the best result for Arsenal atleast! Ya i watched AVB’s press conference and i thought he handled the situation very well. He was provoked and couldve easily lost it but he kept calm with his rough hoarse voice. Good on him to stand up for himself. Yea the fans wanted Lennon to stay on but i dont see why. He was pretty average. Whatever most of the Tottenham squad is 😀 Mark bridge the footballer. Australian guy? If not then i have no idea who Mark Bridge is :/

      • Yeah but it was bit surprising for me. David Moyes was pushing everyone to sleep in the press conference with his boring words…then AVB just rock the auditorium lol. And it’s Mark Bright, the one who played for Crystal Palace, sorry I always mess up with names.

      • Moyes can be a drag sometimes. Also you can see the toll of the job on his face. Hair getting white and facial skin is sagging bad! oh Mark BRIGHT! I see. Well Moyes is facing his old club next week. Should be an exciting game!

  6. Ok guys now that the prediction master has decided to stop being lazy I hope everyone is prepared to wear a Puyol Barca Jersey at the end of this weekend, and if you somehow like Barca then I have an Egyptian one for you (I’d rather you wear that one Bernie).

    Cardiff vs Arsenal: 1-1
    Spurs vs Man United: 1-2
    Hull vs Liverpool: 1-4
    Man City vs Swansea: 3-1
    Chelsea vs Southampton: 1-0

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