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EPL Matchday 9 Predictions (26/10/2013) .. with a Spanish twist

After a largely impressive and action packed champions league round, we are back to predicting the scores for the Premier League. This week we have a Spanish twist coming up. Keep reading to find out! 1 point is awarded for the correct outcome and 3 points for a perfect score. Here’s a reminder of last weeks action and results and the overall points tally for the three of us so far.

Previous Matchday Scores:

Only one perfect prediction last week!


Matchday 9 Predictions:

Saturday October 26th:

El Classico

Here’s the promised Spanish Twist! We will be giving a prediction for the big El Classico between Barcelona and Real Madrid this week! You know this is a big game when a La Liga match makes an EPL prediction article. A perfect prediction of this game’s score will give its owner a 5 point reward. This is for the big money:

Barcelona vs Real Madrid:

Bernie: I remember a few years ago when Barca tore Madrid apart in every game. The last year or so has seen Real take over. Both teams have new management and might want to be cautious here. I have a feeling that we’re in for a draw. Definitely a Pepe red card! 1-1 draw.

Mohaned: This is a very tough one to call. Problem is, on current form i should go with a Madrid win. Barca have been un-creative of late with minimal penetration. It all, as always, really comes down to Lionel Messi. If he puts the after burners on then Pepe and Ramos will eat dust. Ronaldo on the other side has to do it all alone. Di maria has been helpful but its nullified by Benzema’s uselessness! Ill risk it and say 2-1 Madrid win.

Rishay: The form for both teams is questionable going into this one. Barcelona are coming off two consecutive draws, and were shutout for the first time in 65 games in their last league match. Madrid have been shaky in defense, having to rely on some dodgy refereeing and epic comebacks in recent weeks to keep pace at the top. It is possible that both teams will be cautious in this match, although Real will have more to lose. 2-2 draw.

Back to the premier league action

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal:

Bernie: I know i’m supposed to give my reasons but I’m not sure why I need to. Arsenal have had an amazing run of games against teams (they might include Spurs) who aren’t tough opposition. As a result they have gone from strength to strength. But you have to beat whoever is in front of you and honestly this won’t end well for Palace. 3-1 Arsenal

Mohaned: Arsenal should continue their good run in the league. Arsene Wenger might look to make changes as Arsenal have a tough set of fixtures ahead of them which include Dortmund, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. The amount of tweaking that Arsene does might make this game more challenging that it needs be. 2-1 Arsenal win.

Rishay: Arsenal will probably be looking to make amends for their shortcomings in midweek against Dortmund. Crystal Palace are languishing in the relegation zone and have just sacked their manager. Sometimes a change in management can spark a good run of form. Arsenal will enjoy this fixture. 3-0 Arsenal

Manchester United vs Stoke:

Bernie: Why I keep predicting United wins I don’t know. Maybe I should pick a draw this time. However if Moyes is smart he’ll see that he got the balance of the team right with Kagawa and Rooney interchanging giving a link between midfield and attack. One more time for good measure I’ll pick a United win. They can’t let this slide continue and will win 2-0 United.

Mohaned: Man Utd don’t fill me with confidence. But this is Stoke we are talking about. Should be a win for the red devils. I’ll go with a 3-1 United scoreline. At home Man Utd should be having most of the possession and controlling of the game but I dont think they will keep a clean sheet.

Rishay: United played a good game in midweek against Real Sociedad, albeit the scoreline didn’t reflect their true domination of affairs. Still shaky in form but showing signs of coming into their stride, United should see off Stoke City with a routine win at Old Trafford, dependent on how well they finish their chances. I expect Stoke to put up a good fight, given Mark Hughes’ battle cries all week, but I don’t think his team will share his willpower at the end of 90 minutes. 3-1 United

Liverpool vs Westbrom:

Bernie: West Brom have taken points from Manchester United and Arsenal. They are playing good stuff and I expect them to trouble Liverpool. I feel that the wheels are starting to come off Liverpool’s season and this is the time where people will find them out. 1-1 draw

Mohaned: Liverpool are really two teams within a team; a world class attacking side and a Sunday league defending side with Steven Gerrard somewhere in the middle of all that.. If they can get their defense sorted out then they have every right to challenge for top spot. Westbrom have taken some big scalps this season but at home to liverpool it might be too much. Ill say 2-1 Liverpool.

Rishay: Brendan Rodgers has undoubtedly been scorned by Ferguson’s comments towards the Liverpool team in his thrilling new autobiography which I can’t wait to buy, and the reds’ boss has even managed a few laughable retorts of his own. In either case, West Brom are a tough team and they fear nobody. The baggies will be on the scoresheet in this one, and Liverpool’s over reliance on their front men will become obvious. 2-2 Draw

Sunday October 27th:

“Game of the week: El Ca$hico”


This game of the week features the two most free spending teams in the premier league; Chelsea and Manchester City. New managers at both helms as well as a bunch of new signings meant that both these teams started the season roughly. Gaining confidence as well as points, Chelsea and City are now running at full power which promises the viewers to a tasty match up! Chelsea at home will want to get all three points but the team going into the encounter with a 1 point gained not 2 points dropped mentality might regret that approach. Lets see what happens.

Chelsea vs ManCity:

Bernie: A Russian billionaire’s team against an Emirati billionaire’s team. This should be huge and might have huge consequences come the end of the season for both teams. Even though Chelsea are at home I’m a little sceptical of their attacking threat. City I believe will push on in the league form here and their weak defense shouldn’t have too much to deal with from a striker point of view but they must be wary of Oscar. It’s not quite an upset but I’m going with a safe result this time. City 2-1

Mohaned: City have been looking great upfront recently. Having Silva return from injury has really sparked life back into their attacking play and in Aguero they have probably the best finisher in the league. Im confident in their attacking play but, like liverpool, not so sure of their defending. Chelsea’s strong point is their midfeild, but they are up against Yaya and Fernandinho; two stonewalls. This will be a tight game but i think city will edge it. 3-2 city.

Rishay: Mourinho’s Chelsea have looked solid despite being shaky at the offset of the season. City’s form has been extremely streaky, although they have shown up for big games (barring their performance against Bayern). I expect Chelsea to hold their own in this one, and City to be on the scoresheet. 1-1 Draw

Tottenham vs Hull:

Bernie: Hull have performed admirably this season and there are a few former Spurs players who will have a point to prove in this one. I expect a tight affair but at White Hart Lane I don’t expect Spurs to mess this up. It won’t be expansive stuff and it might be a bit dull but ti should end 1-0 Spurs. Townsend again maybe?

Mohaned: Spurs should win this one comfortably. A dominating performance is nothing less than I expect. No injuries or red cards for spurs what so ever. A standout performance from all their new signings. A clean sheet. A stellar performance. Ok ok … with all my jinxing attempts over, well maybe one last one; 2-0 Spurs.

Rishay: I’m not sure what the Spurs are doing this season, but they are frustrating when they don’t perform. Spurs should come away with a win in this one and it just matters by how much. Hull will do well to get on the scoresheet. 3-1 Spurs.

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